Prevailing Over Personal Debt

Managing personal debt is very important. One might even ask “are there even loans for people with bad credit? One good way to avoid getting into debt is to make a budget. Making a budget and sticking to it will help people avoid getting into debt. Knowing what a budget is and how to make and manage a budget is essential.


A budget is a breakdown and plan of how much money a person has coming in and how it is spent. There are specific steps when it comes to making a budget. The first one is tracking income. It is not hard to do and just requires looking at all of the paystubs of everyone that is employed in the household. After it is determined how much money is coming in, the next step is to look at monthly expenses. For the majority of people, they remain the same every month. After reviewing the fixed expenses, it is time to look at the other expenses. These expenses may include utility bills, groceries, entertainment, subscriptions, etc. After the expenses and income are added up, the expenses are then subtracted from the income. There are four major ways to make a budget.

There are four main ways to make a budget. The first one is using a paper and pen. This is a time-honored tradition when it comes to making a budget. It is also the least expensive and most cost-effective method. All that needs to be done is for a list of expenses and income to be written out. If they even out or the income is more than the expenses, then the person making the budget is good. Making a spreadsheet is another way to make a budget. Microsoft Excel is the most popular spreadsheet software. A spreadsheet is an easy way to organize information and also does the math. Free online software is another option.


There are a lot of these programs available on the internet. Programs like Manilla and allows a person to create and group their expenses into categories and track their spending so they can see where their money goes as soon as the transaction takes place. Financial software programs can also be used to make a budget but a person has to have knowledge about a computer to use them. Quicken and Microsoft Money are good programs but a person has to have a lot of experience with web-based programs to use them. When looking at credit, it is important to know the difference between good credit and bad credit.